50 Summer Activity Ideas for Your Kids — #3 Loom Bands are in!

Loom Bands

Loom bracelets by Megan, 7 years old

It’s so easy to create. Whether your child does it with the tools or not, this will keep them busy for a few hours. Encourage them to make some for their friends. You can even stir those little entrepreneurial minds. Why not make a lot and then, sell them later? This would be a good way to show them the value of earning money from hard work. 😉



50 Summer Activity Ideas for Your Kids — #2 Get creative with Popsicle Sticks!

Popsicle sticks — it’s cheap. You can find it anywhere. Get your kids to start creating what they want. A house, a box, a dining set for their tiny dolls, a barn for their toy animals, a fence for their little doll house, a car, you name it.

You’ll need some glue to stick them together. I recommend not using the school glue as it doesn’t hold too well. But, if your kids are patient enough to wait while each glued part dries, I guess that will work 😉 You have to be careful though. Sometimes, popsicle sticks may need to be cut. If so, please don’t leave your kids with those sharp scissors on their own. Do the cutting yourself and let them design and just glue away…

50 Summer Activity Ideas for Your Kids -- #1 Get creative with Popsicle Sticks! Popsicle Ship This one was particularly created by my son, who is 9, by the way. It’s his best take on making a ship out of popsicle sticks. He calls it the Titanic after… well, the real Titanic. Give him more time and he’ll be making better and bigger ones, tee-hee. 🙂

Here are more fun ideas for those crafty little hands. Click on the images* to find more details about the following crafts using popsicle sticks.  

*Disclaimer: The photos below are not mine. They were grabbed from other websites. arts-and-crafts-ideas-with-popsicle-sticks 40+ Craft Stick Creations Creative Things With Popsicle Sticks popsicle-sticks-stuff draft_lens19701500module161048995photo_1344984302--a-a-

50 Summer Activity Ideas for Your Kids — #1 The Ladybug Painting Project

The Ladybug Proj

Isn’t it cute how this little canvas turned out so nicely? My daughter won this ladybug canvas from a birthday party as a prize for a game. It came with a little painting kit.

She loves to paint as you can see.

I love the colors on this. I wonder where I can find more of this stuff. It would be nice to put a few finished projects on a wall.

iNSD Sale!!

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Jen Yurko’s Zoo Frenzy

Oh, this is something you all have to see… The perfect zoo kit I’ve seen so far, with tons of animals and other zoo elements, you’ll surely want to buy this kit from Designs by Jen Yurko. Here is a preview of the whole bundle:

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Oh, before I forget, here is a layout I made with the bundle:

‘Til next time!


Definitely “Gem-ful”

Susan has once again created a beautiful kit for everyone to enjoy. I’m sure you’ll love it. Here is a preview of the kit:

Isn’t it cute and lovely? Very soothing too! I specially love the aquamarine color and that angel gem among the elements… I love the whole kaboodle! Grab one today and get it at 25% OFF until the 26th. You can find the product here in her store at Stufftoscrap.com.

Here is one LO I made with the kit:

That’s it for now, thanks for dropping by 🙂

Noemi D.

Designs by Jen Yurko : What a Treat!

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